Whiskies off the beaten track

Whiskies off the beaten track

March 23, 2024 2024-03-23 11:29

Whiskies off the beaten track

If you don’t mind driving a little further out for a unique experience this itinerary is a must. Visit 2 special whisky distilleries (and a Gin distillery!) and do some fun shopping while you are at it.

Choose the fastest route from our B&B to Dunphail Distillery on your satnav, it will take you there through a network of back roads with beautiful scenery and small villages. Be aware there are some single-track roads on this journey, use the passing place when encountering traffic from the opposite direction. It will take approximately 1 hour to reach Dunphail Distillery. Although this is a new distillery, it is built to do everything the traditional way. They even have their own malting floor and open top washbacks. Their own whisky is still too young too taste, but the tour includes some very special whiskies from acclaimed distilleries (independently bottled).

Next stop at 10 minutes from Dunphail Distillery is Logie Steading. Set in the beautiful Findhorn Valley, Logie Steading is home to retailers and makers as well as The Cafe at Logie Steading. Originally built as a model farm in the 1920’s, Logie Steading’s attractive sandstone buildings now house an enthusiastic group of independent shops, often with specialist knowledge of their niche products. The Café has a lovely menu (lunch and coffee) with local produce to enjoy.

Go back to the main road to continue the A940 to Forres to visit Benromach Distillery, a small traditional distillery built in 1898. Back in the days before gas and electricity became widely available all distilleries used wood and peat to dry the malted barley, giving the whisky a peated flavour. Most Speyside distilleries have switched to other drying methods and are not peated anymore (with the exception of some special releases) but Benromach has continued to use peated barley. At 12ppm it gives their whisky a subtle yet distinctive character. Several tours available, we highly recommend the Heritage Tour to sample some very old and unique whiskies.

Benromach is also home of Red Door Gin, wich can also be toured and tasted. Please make a separate booking for this experience.

From Benromach Distillery take the A96 to Elgin, followed by the A941 to Dufftown to have an easy drive back to our B&B in just under 1 hour.

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