Evening Meals

Evening meals

Evening meals are possible by prior arrangement.

All meals come with vegetables or salad, potatoes or garlic bread, dessert and 1 drink (soda/wine/beer)

Speyside Burger


4 oz real beef burger from our local butcher on a seeded bun Topped with haggis, cheddar, lettuce and Jack Daniels whisky sauce



Slow cooked sticky ribs with smoky BBQ sauce



Pan fried salmon seasoned with lime juice and Italian herbs

Smoked Basa Fillet


Oven steamed smoked Basa fillet (also known as pangasius or catfish)

Chicken Casserole


Chicken breast wrapped in bacon and topped with cheddar and BBQ sauce

Gammon Steak


Steak made from the hind leg of pork (like a big/thick piece of bacon)

Fish Cake with Cheddar


Smoked haddock and mashed potato with a Béchamel and mature Cheddar cheese sauce in a gluten free crumb

Meal Time Salad


(Only in Summertime) Big mixed salad with several raw veggies and cooked sweet potato, nuts/seeds and garlic bread Choose your topping: BBQ chicken pieces OR smoked salmon OR halloumi cheese