Evening Meals

Evening meals

Evening meals are possible by prior arrangement.

All meals come with vegetables or salad, potatoes or garlic bread, dessert and 1 drink (soda/wine/beer)

Speyside Burger

£ 17.50

4 oz real beef burger from our local butcher on a seeded bun Topped with haggis, cheddar, lettuce and Jack Daniels whisky sauce


£ 17.50

Slow cooked sticky ribs with smoky BBQ sauce


£ 17.50

Pan fried salmon seasoned with lime juice and Italian herbs

Smoked Basa Fillet


Oven steamed smoked Basa fillet (also known as pangasius or catfish)

Chicken Casserole

£ 17.50

Chicken breast wrapped in bacon and topped with cheddar and BBQ sauce

Gammon Steak

£ 17.50

Steak made from the hind leg of pork (like a big/thick piece of bacon)

Fish Cake with Cheddar

£ 17.50

Smoked haddock and mashed potato with a Béchamel and mature Cheddar cheese sauce in a gluten free crumb

Meal Time Salad


(Only in Summertime) Big mixed salad with several raw veggies and cooked sweet potato, nuts/seeds and garlic bread Choose your topping: BBQ chicken pieces OR smoked salmon OR halloumi cheese

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