Whisky & Cigars

After a day out why not sit down in our garden and enjoy a nice cigar? Whisky and cigars can match very nicely if you know how to pair them. We have arranged an interesting pairing where you receive 5 whiskies and 2 cigars for tasting. When perfectly balanced, it’s delicious! (email us for enquiries and booking).


Whisky & Chocolate

There are a lot of options to pair whisky with food, but one of our favourites is chocolate. During the session we will give you a guided tasting of 5 whiskies. Every whisky is paired with a specific chocolate bonbon to enhance the flavours of both. Which combination will become your favourite? (email us for enquiries and booking).


Whisky & Cheese

Did you know that cheeses not only go well with wine, but also with whisky? This arrangement comes with 5 selected whiskies and 4 different cheeses to pair with. To clean the palate, we also provide some (dried) fruits and biscuits. Great for after dinner or a late afternoon snack. (email us for enquiries and booking).

Don’t Drink and Drive Distillery Tour

Do you need a driver because you (and your party) want to combine your distillery tour with a tasting at the distillery? Please ask for our driving services for your own and other people’s safety.

You choose a maximum of 3 distilleries from our list, we book the tours and/or tastings for you and provide a driver. Lunch is also included. We can transport a maximum of 6 people at once. After the last visit we will take you to the Whisky Castle in Tomintoul where Sam & Scott will show you some very special whiskies for you to taste and buy. (email us for enquiries and booking).