From B&B to Whisky Themed Guesthouse

From B&B to Whisky Themed Guesthouse

November 2, 2023 2024-04-23 12:13

When we bought ‘The Gables’ in 2019 it was a family home. One or two rooms were rented out occasionally by the previous owners. In the midst of the Whisky Region, Moray, we wanted to offer our guests a totally different experience. A Whisky experience. So, we started renovating the moment we could and still have some renovation plans for the future.

Whisky Lounge

Our first and most easy renovation was the lounge. All furniture was replaced, new fixtures and cabinets added with over 570 Scottish Single Malt. A steady growing collection. The room had to breath Whisky, that’s why we added several details to remind our guests they are in the Whisky Capital of the World! 

Dining / Breakfast Room

The dining/breakfast room needed some freshening up too. We replaced the floor tiles and painted the walls and ceiling. We added a homemade stave-light above the table and replaced the tables and chairs with higher standard ones.

Whisky Room

Next was the Whisky Room, one of our most popular guest rooms. As you can see in the pictures below… that was quite a job. Furniture was replaced, new beds, walls and ceiling painted, added panelling and … of course a lot of whisky tins to give it a final touch. All carpet was also replaced by a fitting and subtle tartan print. The bathroom was renovated early 2024 replacing furniture, toilet and shower. 

Tartan Room

On to the Tartan Room. This had some freshening up to do as well. Carpet was replaced, layout was changed, added new furniture and fixtures. Even the bathroom was refurbished to a more modern style. And here also some Whisky details were added for the ambience. 

Thistle Room

The biggest and most luxurious room is the Thistle Room. In this room we replaced the bed with a super king bed with a television hidden in the bed. The carpet was replaced and the whole room painted in modern colours. The bathroom was refurbished in January 2024. The whole bathroom was stripped and a new steam shower was fitted. The whole bathroom got a new luxurious look! 

Alba Room

The last and smallest room is our twin room, the Alba Room. Carpet and curtains have been replaced. A new closet was placed and here again some whisky details have been added. For instance, the Whisky Wall. The bathroom was renovated in 2023, giving it a cleaner look and a much better shower was fitted. 

That Whisky-Feeling

Our aim is to give people a whisky-feeling the moment they enter our house. That’s why there are all kinds of details, big and small, added throughout the house. The barrels-table and staves-staircase has already been much appreciated by many of our guests.

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