COVID-19 Precautions


We would like to reassure you we are taking all the precautions to protect both our staff and our loyal customers according to the UK.GOV Regulations and Visit Scotland. Please find all the latest updates at the following links.

VisitScotland –

Arrival and Check-In

  • We would be grateful if you would not arrive earlier than our 5pm Check-In time unless an earlier time has been agreed prior to your arrival. This is to give us the time we need for the extra cleaning required.
  • We will only be Checking-In one set of guests at a time. Please wait outside if we are already with other guests and we will come and get you.
  • We are happy to carry your baggage to your room as we currently do and will wear disposable gloves to do this.

During your Stay

  • We will not clean or refresh your room daily. If you would like your bin emptied, please leave it outside your room.
  • Please use WhatsApp or similar to let us know any extra tea, coffee, sugar etc you might need
  • There will be a pack of anti-bacterial wipes in your room for your use whilst staying with us.
  • We will provide hand sanitiser in the breakfast room and the hall for our guests to use. There’s usual liquid soap in the bathroom. Please do not use anti-bacterial soap as this will harm our septic tank.
  • All the teas, coffees, hot chocolate, sugars etc will be changed after each set of guests leave.

Breakfast Service

  • We will be serving a maximum of four guests at each sitting (unless all eight guests belong to the same party) in our Breakfast Room as usual. Breakfast is not available in your room.
  • We will still be offering a full cooked breakfast. We will be serving you the juice and fruit options and there will be individual boxes of cereal available. This will remove the need for communal self-service.
  • If guests wish us to wear face masks to serve their breakfast, we are very happy to do so.


  • We will endeavour, where bookings allow, to have a 24-hour gap between bookings for each room.
  • Each guest room will be deep cleaned after every departure. We clean and disinfect the rooms with disinfectant, ozon and ionisation.
  • Frequent touch points will be cleaned by us on a regular basis during the day e.g. front door, bannisters, room door handles etc.
  • For the following breakfast sitting we will sanitise the chairs, change the place settings and any communal cutlery.
  • We have purchased industrial strength cleaning solutions as advised by the authorities and are trained by CPL Training and OpenWHO.

Thank you for your understanding, Anne Jan & Siebette